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Subaru Norway Test

December 2009

News and Event Item

Stevie Brown described his test drive of Subaru's latest Impreza Cup Car on the frozen lakes of Norway as 'awesome'. The twenty-two-year-old driver, who is looking to make a full time switch to four-wheel-drive next season said, "The experience has been invaluable. The time I spent with the engineers has given me a good understanding of a base setting for a four-wheel-drive-car."

With temperatures as low as 27 degrees below freezing, conditions were perfect for driving the four-wheel-drive turboed machine. "You have to be more aggressive with the car than you would in a front wheel drive car" said Stevie who made his left-hand-drive, four wheel drive debut. Subaru motorsport group N boss George Donaldson joined Brown during the test offering advice as the young driver sampled four-wheel-drive for the first time. "Its worth remembering that before George became World Rally Team manager for Toyota he was a highly successful driver, winning the British National Group N champion in 1988, and the Group N class on the 1987 Lombard RAC Rally." Stevie continues, "So to have him offering advice was fantastic and was a real help."

"For me it wasn't so much the increase in power that I noticed most, but the grip available out of medium and slow speed corners. This is where we lose out most in the Fiesta as its only two-wheel-drive" explained Stevie.

If you would like more information on how you can sponsor Stevie as he tackles the British Rally Championship at the wheel of a Subaru Impreza, please do not hesitate to contact us

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